Slarve Construction


SLARVE CONSTRUCTION has a passion for minor and major home REMODELS, RENOVATIONS, interior and exterior, ADDITIONS, FURNITURE DESIGN and FABRICATION.

We believe in quality with the products we install as well as the services we provide. We provide transparency with our processes and costs with our thorough line item contracts.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
-Henry Ford

We live by that mantra. When building a home, it’s good to remember that your new space is going to be influencing lives long after we’ve left the job, so we build to the same level of quality whether it’s the framing of a 2×4 stud behind a wall, or an exposed detail that will be seen by everyone.


I am owner, operator, and a 3rd generation builder. As much as I fought again getting into the construction, it’s dirty some days, sometimes it can be time consuming well past your regular business hours, but it’s what I love to do. It feels good to leave a job knowing that you did everything right for them, and you looked after them to make sure they were taken care of.