• Kitchen + Bath + Great Room

Addition | 1200 sq.ft. + Remodel

This home was built in 1942, and it has a bit of a story. It was built by a father and his son, and the father ended up headed out to war after he built this home, yet never came home. This house was the last thing he built before he went to go fight in the war. We tried to respect the design and styling features of this old home while still improving it ands adding over 1,200 sq.ft. This included a new total of 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, completely newly laid out kitchen, and a much needed 2-car garage. By the request of the homeowner, we are only showing exterior photos.

Scope of work included:
City planning, architectural drawings, demolition, foundation work, rough framing, roofing, insulation, drywall, paint, tile work, plumbing, electrical, crown moulding & general trim/finishes.